Oncology Appt. Today. Sept 18 2013

We are have been without electricity all day today here in the Campus Commons area of Sacramento. So, I am going to try to write a blog entry using my cell phone which means lots of typos.

Erin called this noon writhing in pain all over. She did not want to wait for Cindy to take her back to Davis at 6 pm, so she had Grace bring her to her Oncology appt with Adams this afternoon. Grace is a recent UC Davis grad whose family lives in Davis and she has driven Erin on errands around Davis.

Dr. Adams said that the overall pain is due to addiction to narcotic pain medication. He said that is easier to break the addiction to than if it were due to taking the med to get high.

Then he commented that all of the neuro oncologists and radiologists had been wrong about her tumor recurring.
He said he has only had 5 patients in his 30 years as an oncologist, who have survived a glioblastoma. Since he is 20 years older than Erin, he thinks that Erin will outlive him.

He spoke of “plasticity”, training one part of the brain to do what an injured part of the brain formerly did.

He spent nearly an hour with Erin!


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