Renewed Erin’s Passport – Sept. 13, 2013

Erin’s passport expires in a couple of weeks, so for her birthday which is tomorrow, Erin wanted to have her passport renewed. I downloaded the renewal forms on line, and today we went to Costco where they immediately took her photo. They charged $4.99 for 4 copies of the photo …. quite a bargain.  Yesterday we had stopped at Holliday Travel Outfitters on Fulton Ave to have her picture taken, but they no longer do passport photos. The clerk said their camera kept breaking down and needing repairs and they were losing money on the photos.

Then I took Erin to Kaiser Point West for Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy. As I was getting out of the car, I could not find my purse. So, I took Erin into therapy and then went back to Costco. The purse wasn’t at the photo department, but it was in the main office… I had left it in the shopping basket! Since the Post Office was nearby, I went there and mailed the passport renewal application form, and went back to Kaiser and saw Erin between therapies.

Erin said that she had been tired, so she hadn’t done much in Physical Therapy. She did feel good about the Speech Therapy. Her speech really seems better.

Cindy came and got Erin at 5pm to drive her home to Davis. Erin was hoping to get there in time to see Miśelka who is visiting California from the Czech Republic. Miśelka was the boys’ first au pair from Oct. 2111 to Oct. 2112.


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