Comment from Denise

This morning I received notice of a comment which Denise made to the blog of Sept. 6th about the tumor world and brige world meeting. This is what Denise wrote:

“This is Denise, the bridge player. I have been reading more of Erin’s blog, and just had a couple of comments. My cousin has aphasia and right side paralysis, and has been going to the therapists (speech, physical, and occupational) at Point West for several weeks. The speech, especially, seems to be helping. We really like all of the therapists…they are very positive and encouraging.

Also, my cousin used to work in the pharmacy at Kaiser Morse…he may have even filled some of Erin’s prescriptions!”

It sounds like Denise’s cousin’s tumor is located in about the same area as Erin’s was since the presentations seem so similar with right side parlysis, speech difficulties, etc. Erin does pick up one of her prescriptions at Kaiser Morse Ave. after her oncology appts, so undoubtedly Denise’s cousin ran across Erin’s name. Small world.



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