Tumor world and bridge world get linked – Sept. 6, 2013

When Patricia and I were at a bridge tournament in Santa Clara last week, the first pair we joined up with to form a team were 2 very congenial ladies from Palo Alto. I exchanged email addresses with one of them, Denise, because she said that she comes to Sacramento occasionally to visit her cousin, and thought that we could play bridge here some time.

Tonight I had an email from Denise saying that she had a cousin who has been diagnosed with a stage 3 astrocytoma. Denise googled his neuro-oncologst, Enrico Lallana, and came across the force of erin blog:


Denise searched the blog further and found the recent blog “Erin’s Aunts and Uncles” and there she found photos of Patricia and me:


The cousin is also going to see Dr. Jennifer Clark at UCSF.

I had not discussed Erin and at all with Denise, so what a small world! Denise has joined the list of blog followers.


2 thoughts on “Tumor world and bridge world get linked – Sept. 6, 2013

  1. Barbara Chase September 7, 2013 at 07:32 Reply

    Isn’t it a small world. The blogosphere is quite amazing. As with most new things there is the good and down side of all the sharing of information to the world. With two teenage granddaughters and one grandson I hope they use it wisely. The taking of “selfies” is another phenomenon. I worry about too much attention to self and perhaps forgetting about others.

  2. Denise Pitsch September 10, 2013 at 10:31 Reply

    This is Denise, the bridge player. I have been reading more of Erin’s blog, and just had a couple of comments. My cousin has aphasia and right side paralysis, and has been going to the therapists (speech, physical, and occupational) at Point West for several weeks. The speech, especially, seems to be helping. We really like all of the therapists…they are very positive and encouraging.

    Also, my cousin used to work in the pharmacy at Kaiser Morse…he may have even filled some of Erin’s prescriptions!

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