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Crepe Recipe – Sept. 30, 2013

My sister Patricia asked if I would post the crepe recipe. It is very egg-y and light.


3 eggs

1 cup milk

3/4 cup flour

1/3 cup oil

pinch of salt

Blend all in a blender or can just beat eggs by hand and alternately add the milk and flour.

I made a double recipe which made about 18 ten inch crepes.

Just cook on a griddle until edges become done. Just cook on 1 side.

Best if batter is chilled over night.


Crepes; “What the Heck” – Sept. 29, 2013

I woke up this morning with 2 smiling faces at my bedside. 9-year-old Paco and 4-year-old Tommy said that they had just finished sharing about 8 crepes, eaten plain. I had made the batter last night, (It is supposed to be better if chilled over night.), and thought that I would make the crepes this morning. But, Erin beat me to it. She had made perfect crepes with her 1 good (left) hand using  a griddle on top of the stove.

The recipe is one that I have had for 50 years. I thought that I remembered it, but to confim the amounts, Erin had a small notebook with recipes that she had copied from me 20 years ago. We also used the little notebook yesterday to confirm the cooking length for the butter cookie dough I had brought down.

Tommy has a new expression, “What the Heck”. He is a non-stop conversationalist.


Paco Lauren Julia Rachel Tommy Sept 28, 2013

I am spending the night in Davis. Steve is at a car meeting in Las Vegas.

It normally takes about 29 min to go from Sacramento to Davis. This morning it took an hour and 15 min because 2 of 3 lanes were closed for road work.

I thought that Louisa was leaving for Tahoe at 10, so had planned to get here a half hour before she left.
But, her Tahoe plans got cancelled for the 2nd time. How disappointing for her.

Brandon and Beck showed up about 45 min after I did. They had taken a detour through Woodland so it only took them 45 min to get to Davis.

Erin asked me to bring butter cookie dough and frosting. Tommy and Beck were too busy running around , but Paco enjoyed rolling out the dough and cutting out cookies.

About 3 :30 Cindy’s husband Dave picked up Paco and Tommy and they went to Lauren’s soccer game and to the park.

While they were gone, Erin and i got a nice visit from Colleen whom I had not seen since her return from Spain last Sunday. She brought food over twice during the week, but I missed her both times.

Cindy and Dave picked up Papa Murphy’s pizza and dropped the boys and their 3 girls off for dinner while they went out for dinner to celebrate their 14 th anniversary.

After pizza, the kids watched a movie and all was very quiet. They ended the evening with ice cream.


Oncology Appt. Today. Sept 18 2013

We are have been without electricity all day today here in the Campus Commons area of Sacramento. So, I am going to try to write a blog entry using my cell phone which means lots of typos.

Erin called this noon writhing in pain all over. She did not want to wait for Cindy to take her back to Davis at 6 pm, so she had Grace bring her to her Oncology appt with Adams this afternoon. Grace is a recent UC Davis grad whose family lives in Davis and she has driven Erin on errands around Davis.

Dr. Adams said that the overall pain is due to addiction to narcotic pain medication. He said that is easier to break the addiction to than if it were due to taking the med to get high.

Then he commented that all of the neuro oncologists and radiologists had been wrong about her tumor recurring.
He said he has only had 5 patients in his 30 years as an oncologist, who have survived a glioblastoma. Since he is 20 years older than Erin, he thinks that Erin will outlive him.

He spoke of “plasticity”, training one part of the brain to do what an injured part of the brain formerly did.

He spent nearly an hour with Erin!


Miselka Visit

Steve reporting:

Out first au pair, Miselka, who left us about a year ago came by to visit last Friday. She is now living near Los Angeles and came north with her boyfriend for a conference. The boys were very excited to see her an could barely sleep the evening before.

Here are some photos of the boys with her at frozen yogurt in downtown Davis. Later, Cindy an Erin returned from Sacramento and we hung out on the back patio. Cindy’s girls and a couple if Paco’s friends from school came by to see her as well. She sure made a huge impact on the family (and, apparently the entire town) when she was here.

12 Wild Turkeys Looking for Colleen Sept. 15, 2013

As I looked out my kitchen window this evening, I saw 12 wild turkeys headed in the

direction of Colleen’s place. Clark says they were looking for Colleen. I caught this

photo of 11 of them. The 12th was lagging behind off to the right out of camera


Colleen missed Erin’s birthday party last night. She and Deke are traveling in Basque

country in Northern Spain.

Erin was very active last night, standing up frequently and taking a few steps now and

After the kids played in the yard, Paco entertained them all by showing them some
video game on the TV monitor. I heard Shannon’s daughter telling her mother
that Paco had showed her how to play some game … which she, of course, now


Paco Erin Tommy & Birthday Cakes Sept.14, 2013

25 of us, 15 adults and 10 children, joined Erin tonight in Davis to
celebrate her 42nd birthday. In-laws Judy and Mike brought these
beautiful ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins. One had “Happy”
written in English, German, French, and Spanish. Louisa, the au pair
from Germany, said that she had never had ice cream cake before.

Erin ordered food from Dos Coyotes Border Cafe which we picked
up in Davis on our way. In addition to the cakes, Mike and Judy
also brought pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, and apple
strudel … lots of leftovers!

The children ranging from 4 year olds Beckett and Tommy to
Cindy’s oldest daughter Lauren, who is12, ran and played in
the yard with only an occasional scream.

The boys really enjoyed seeing Miśelka yesterday. Erin made
it back from here in time to see her too. MIśelka would like
to move back to Davis! I had thought that she loved the
beaches of Southern California.