Louisa, Erin, Brandon Aug. 21, 2013

We met tonight at my house to celebrate Brandon’s 47th birthday which is tomorrow.
For dessert he ordered sundaes which you can see the remnants of in the bowl in
front of Erin. Lisa, Brandon’s wife, provided the ice cream, chocolate and caramel
toppings, as well as slivered almonds, walnuts, and cherries.

Unfortunately, neither Lisa, nor her mother Joleen were able to attend. Joleen went
to the doctor and then to ER this afternoon because of heart problems. They had to
keep her for a while until some test was completed.

Louisa, the au pair, had not been here before and was impressed with the
delicatessen sign advertising cheeses and wursts which is in our patio. She
exclaimed, “Wurst is a German word!” Then she also commented that
delicatessen is a German word, but in German it is spelled with a k instead
of a c. I looked up delicatessen in the dictionary, and it is derived from
the German delikatesse = delicacy. Adding the n makes it plural in German.

We were fortunate to have weather that wasn’t too hot, so that we could
eat outside. Erin took a few steps from the door to the patio to the table
where she sat, rather than going down a ramp in the wheelchair.


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