After PT Appt.: Erin & Cindy Aug. 16, 2013

Cindy brought Erin to my house this morning, and Clark and I took
Erin to a Physical Therapy appt followed by a Speech Therapy appt
at Kaiser Point West.

i did not go into either appt,, but spoke to both therapists when
they called Erin in. I think that the Physical Therapist is going
to look into a brace to help with Erin’s walking.

The Speech Therapist said that he had visited Erin in the hospital
after her 2nd surgery on May 18, 2011, and at that time,
she passed all of his tests. Usually, with stroke patients,
they start on speech therapy within 6 months of the incident,
so he didn’t know if he could be of much help to Erin now.
However, they did both schedule return visits.

We went to the Elephant Bar for lunch where Erin ordered
a miso type soup that had lots of goodies. It was accompanied
by a sushi roll. Then we went to Macy’s so that she could
buy a gift.

I thought that she was going to spend the night, but she
did not bring overnight stuff, and went home with Cindy
at 4:30pm.


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