The New Chef

I went down to Davis today and when I got there Erin was alone at home. Steve, Tommy, Judy, and Louisa were all attending lunch at Paco’s cooking class which he has been taking all week. They enjoyed ratatouille, and watermelon water amongst other delights. Paco came home with a new white chef jacket.

Erin’s next door neighbor is active in the local Catholic Church and arranged for a priest to come and visit Erin. He came this afternoon. Both he and we were a little confused as to why he was there, but he was charming. When we told him that Erin had been on hospice and then dismissed from it, he said that he had had first hand experience with a relative who had been on and off of hospice for 11 years. He turned out to be a close friend of the priest who was a co-celebrant at Erin and Steve’s wedding. Erin talked quite well with Judy and me filling in when needed.

Paco’s cooking class went swimming at the UC Davis Rec Hall for their last afternoon, so after Paco got home, Louisa took Tommy to the local pool.

Erin was up all afternoon, and seemed to have a lot of energy.


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