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Erin’s Aunts and Uncles Aug 27, 2013

80 years ago this month Erin’s maternal grandparents were married in Oakland
and afterwards had a small wedding breakfast for about 10 people at the
Lake Merritt Hotel. Today 10 of us had a sib lunch in the Terrace Room of
the hotel with a beautiful view of Lake Merritt.

L to R: Clark, sister-in-law Pat, me (Barb), sister Patricia, sister Joan, brother Bob,
brother-in-law Ralph, Beate (Jim’s friend), brother Jim.

We were joined for lunch by our childhood friend, Marty Henderson Meyer. Her
mother was our mother’s best friend.


Shoes. Family Outing

Paco has been complaining about his feet hurting so this evening we all went out to the Vacaville outlets to look for new shoes for school. Both Paco and Tommy found some new ones at the Nike outlet. Tommy was very excited and, as four year olds tend to do, he ran back and forth in his new shoes to see how fast they were.

He had to get bright green trim to match the shoes Paco had already chosen.

Erin took these pictures of their feet as we were getting back into the car.

My parents were a huge help with the kids this weekend as I was out of town and Louisa had plans as well. Aba Judy stayed over both nights. We are all very lucky to have them so close by.


Wheeler Delicatessen Sign – Aug. 21, 2013

This is the sign described below which hangs in my patio. My in-laws had a deli in

Fort Bragg, CA from 1968 to 1978, and this sign hung at the entrance to the deli.

The sign was designed by my father-in-law, Harvey.


Louisa, Erin, Brandon Aug. 21, 2013

We met tonight at my house to celebrate Brandon’s 47th birthday which is tomorrow.
For dessert he ordered sundaes which you can see the remnants of in the bowl in
front of Erin. Lisa, Brandon’s wife, provided the ice cream, chocolate and caramel
toppings, as well as slivered almonds, walnuts, and cherries.

Unfortunately, neither Lisa, nor her mother Joleen were able to attend. Joleen went
to the doctor and then to ER this afternoon because of heart problems. They had to
keep her for a while until some test was completed.

Louisa, the au pair, had not been here before and was impressed with the
delicatessen sign advertising cheeses and wursts which is in our patio. She
exclaimed, “Wurst is a German word!” Then she also commented that
delicatessen is a German word, but in German it is spelled with a k instead
of a c. I looked up delicatessen in the dictionary, and it is derived from
the German delikatesse = delicacy. Adding the n makes it plural in German.

We were fortunate to have weather that wasn’t too hot, so that we could
eat outside. Erin took a few steps from the door to the patio to the table
where she sat, rather than going down a ramp in the wheelchair.


Therapy; Bay Bridge to be Closed

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that Dr. Clarke thought that Erin getting physical and speech therapy was a very good idea. She said: “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.” She also thought that it was good that Erin has found a college girl to take Erin on errands once a week.

All up and down Hwy 80 there were signs that the Bay Bridge would be closed Aug. 28 – Sept. 2. I guess this is in coordination with the new span opening.


Barb Clark Erin at UCSF Aug. 19, 2013

This photo was taken from the 8th floor of UCSF Med Center where
there is a fantastic view of San Francisco. Golden Gate Park is behind
Erin and the Golden Gate Bridge is just about over her head. Downtown
San Francisco is to the right.

At the Med Center the Brain Tumor Dept. is located on the top 8th
floor. UCSF is building a beautiful new facility at Mission Bay near the

Giant’s baseball park. But, the brain tumor dept. will not be moving.


Visit to UCSF – Aug. 19, 2013

Clark and I took Erin to UCSF (the University of California at San Francisco) Medical Center for an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Clarke today.  Dr. Clarke was one of the principal investigators of the trial in which Erin participated for a year after diagnosis. Erin wanted Dr. Clarke’s input on Erin’s current condition. Dr. C is about 2 years younger than Erin!

Dr. Clarke said that Erin’s current MRI of July 25th looked like that of someone who has had a brain injury, like a serious stroke. She sees no active tumor at this time. She had thought that the MRIs of August and Oct 2011, had looked like the tumor was growing, but apparently that was not so.

I asked why Erin deteriorated so rapidly between Aug. 2011 when she had that seizure, and during the next 6 months through the first couple of months of hospice. Erin lost her right field of vision, lost her ability to write clearly on the computer, and fell frequently.  Dr. Clarke said that radiation damage can take place for several years after treatment, and it could have invaded the optic track, rather than a tumor invading it, and radiation could have caused the other problems.

Dr. Clarke doesn’t think the 2 small areas of enhancement, which the recent MRI showed on the right side of the brain, are tumor cells. She thinks that they look more like radiation damage.

Erin also visited with Margaretta, one of the nurses on the project. Eirin was pleased to hear that Margaretta follows the blog. Both she and Dr. Clarke thought that Erin looked good.  Dr. Clarke thought Erin was doing much better than when she last saw Erin in Oct. 2011.

On the way home we went to Spenger’s in Berkeley for a late fish lunch.  Then we stopped at the outlets in Vacaville where I got Erin an early birthday present at White House/Black Market and also bought a little present for Barbara.