July 4, 2013

4 years ago today Erin was designated with a glioblastoma. Tommy was 4 months old and Paco was 5 years old, about to start kindergarten.The average life expectantcy was 14 months, so she is fighting the odds.

Today Paco had a Little League All-Star game in Davis, which Erin attended, but she has found that she can only do one thing in a day, so she did not attend Brandon, Lisa, and Beck’s annual block party. For about a week, the Sacramento Valley has been having temperatures of 105+, and today was no exception, so Judy and Mike (Steve’s folks) and Louisa, the au pair, who had all attended the game, were exhausted from the extreme heat and did not attend the party as they had planned.

Steve brought the boys… see photo below. Paco looks exhausted. He played 5 ot the 6 innings.

Louisa is the new au pair. Erin refers to her in the blog. as L. Louisa is from near Cologne, Germany. She was previously in New Jersey with another family. She will be returning to Germany in November to study to become a doctor. Steve said she is working out great. It has been too hot to think of driving to Davis, so I have not met her yet. Carolina requested reassignment

Happy 4th to all,

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