To Davis

I went down to Davis today, thinking that Erin and I would go out to lunch.  But, she was too tired to go out and was nauseous. Instead, she sent me to Trader Joe’s with a list of things to buy. I had trouble finding some of the items, so I was gone an hour and a half. When I got home, Paco helped me put the groceries away. Erin and I shared a TJ salad, then Erin wanted to lie down. Her legs were hurting.

I pruned roses with Tommy busy with Legos in the garage, but keeping an eye on me.  When I left, Carolina, the au pair, was telling Tommy that it was time to get ready for a swim lesson. He said that he had been there before, he didn’t like it, and he wasn’t going again. I don’t know how that ended up.


One thought on “To Davis

  1. momhoodi June 18, 2013 at 10:51 Reply

    This is Judy reporting: Filling you on the results of going or not to a swimming lesson: Tommy went with me to the class; he was rather quiet and the instructor told me that he didn’t “collaborate” very much…
    He came out of the pool saying that the water was too cold and it was not comfortable. I tried to reason with him that if he kicked and went under water when the teacher told him to, instead of sitting on the step halfway out of the water, he wouldn’t be so cold. I reminded him that that is what happens when he is in the water with his Dad. He seemed to accept the theory…. we’ll see what happens today.
    Paco didn’t go to his class because he said he was not feeling well and was afraid of throwing up. He is supposed to start today but will miss more than half of the sessions due to baseball practices for the All Star Game on July 4th.

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