I Am So Made (With Me)

 Since the time, 1 3/4, last year and this year, my sleep has been awful. One night I will need 12 hrs, then, I will be up all night. I cannot the tell you, h0w each night to night I can’t sleep consistently.

I think this is actual the last year has this has the crazy part. Before, from 2011 Sept to May 2012, I was sleep about 18 hrs day.

So I am a miracle, but where now. The proles, I could sleep a great. taken caffer, the 5 hour, and a lot dilaudid have me alive. After that family and friends have been most of it.

That said, I need to find a better system, I would need the person who was Paco mom, mom’s T. This mom in San Jose. I would get up at 8:30, take a quick sleep at 2:00 then 11:00 to sleep. I need something. Right now, to get 3 days to sleep 10 to 8 would ideal.

It is almostc 4:45 in the am. And my right eye is not cooperating, but may, I can sleep!

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