Three Hairs!

Yesterday was a good day. Judy  over to help with the kids and, well, took a bit of me.

We all to lunch [steve was done], but the three and the 2 boys ate. After lunch, J, T and I all of use had our hair done. That was a relief.


T. got his hair! J. is the better to that little boy! He was talking with the manger.


While T and P I walk to the store. I used the cane. It was just the store and bach. Judy wore the entire time


I passed out after. P sleeper with me, so J. would in the both sleep. I get up during the night and she usually sleeps with last night she was is out!


Paco one other…

One thought on “Three Hairs!

  1. bcwgolf June 11, 2013 at 09:52 Reply

    Can’t wait to see Tommy’s haircut and see his eyes once again! Did Paco go with you to the store next door? I hope so. I would have been worried, too.


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