Busy Weekend

Steve reporting:

We had a really busy weekend. Erin rallied for most of it but is definitely worn out, but in a good way.

Friday night, as you already saw, we were in Sacramento for Wheeler’s pool party. Erin swam and it was great to see her in the pool moving so freely.

Saturday, Paco had a friends’ (twin boys from school and soccer) birthday party. In the evening, we hosted 4 other families at our home for what has become a semi-regular game night. The hosting duties rotate each time. It was a fun casual affair. The photo below shows the kids all in our living room watching a movie. During this, most of the adults were out back on the deck chatting… With Erin leading much of the conversation.

This morning, unfortunately, Erin was a bit, ahem, under the weather and couldn’t get up to join her girlfriends for a “chick brunch” but she did rally this evening for Paco’s end of the season baseball team awards ceremony.

It was a busy and event-filled weekend with kids, family and friends. Well worth the effort, I say.

One thought on “Busy Weekend

  1. Vivian June 10, 2013 at 19:54 Reply

    Just for the record, I think that all those bookings in one weekend would tire me out as well! We did miss you, but we’ll find another time. That’s just how we are. Love, Viv

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