Feeling Weird

I went to Davis today and Erin and I went to lunch at IHop. Erin kept repeating that she felt weird and had felt that way for a couple of days. After lunch she just wanted to stay in the car while I picked up a Keppra prescription at the nearby Davis Kaiser, and then she wanted to go home.

She said that she felt uplifted that I was there. She manages very well transferring from the wheelchair to the car and when there wasn’t enough room to pull the wheelchair up next to the car she walked a few steps unaided.

I took down a form to apply for Talking Books, and she seemed enthusiastic at first, but then she said that she had audio books at home that she had not read. She has started on one and the other 2 are in their cellophane wrap. She forgets to listen, yet she is bored.

I dead headed some roses and brought a few home. Tommy showed me an apple tree and a plum tree in the front yard, which are full of unripened fruit. Then he took Carolina (the au pair) and me to the backyard to show us strawberry plants that have no fruit on them.

When I left, the boys were wrestling, but the picture belows shows that they were having fun.


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