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I like her

Our new au pair, Louisa

Tommy and Carolina June 25, 2013

Tommy is off to his 5:15 pm swim lesson. I picked him up at pre-school at 3 and soon after he fell asleep in the middle of the family room floor.

Carolina had been sick to her stomach earlier in the day, but at 4:30 she was feeling better, and slowly got Tommy dressed for his lesson.

They have just arrived home. He says it was fun. Carolina said he was shaking. He said “no”, he was shivering.

Steve is out of town, so I am going to spend the night.  (Later: Carolina was feeling much better, so Erin decided I needn’t stay.)

Erin surprised me when she was able to show me how to change the temperature on my iPhone from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


It Was Bad, Then Good

Thee new person it fits.

I guess Ca. though we were mean. Then she went to city and called the place and cried. For us, we could understand, so was the Helpers could not understand either.


L. has was with everything. And she has a bad ever so we all seed together. She we be bere unthile Non. But that is a posited that we take.


I am having thing so I am withe more!

A Way Day

Last night, Shan same to Davis. We eat and take. It was great. I was so tired that feel asleep and awoke at 1. I can to miss with the kids to went to see to Monsters univ. miss it!


I think I am scared. Not, mean the pressed while me, I scare her. We could made everything, but she cannot us. She is weird on the who thing. The persom from, Kim, tolk to us that she thing is not our fault.


So old person will here so 5 weeks.


Sorry for the lack of writing. A weird thing?

So the new place for about 5 weeks have carol. For her it is took. She want to go to another house. I thing she is over welcome . And it was not that a small sick.

In the mean time, I was really low. This seen to positing. I can so more than 1 year, and it is takes to decide you want to in you do more. I had stopped for about 4 weeks. Today, I will a bit and walk in the house. 2 moths I could that. I can do it again.

I am a problem with the comp it. It is a weird when I am with one hand!


My yogurt

This is Erin. I am here to Cindy…

This is Cindy: my daughter Lauren and I went with Erin & Paco for frozen yogurt. Now we’re at Erin’s with 5 noisy kids. (My 3 and hers.) Erin said she’s been blue lately but that she’s starting to feel better.