So Crappy, It Seems To Offine


I was ready at LL Bean. (I am going after worn). They sent me entire “outside”. I swear there were 4 things I could do.  It was for everything at the outside. I was such a blue solo.


I can use out sleeping outside.  Then, I stared to think, I could try. No, I a person who can spend in the fold-ind. I thing this will summer, I will try. Not any place, just in the back. And a will sleep. The right hand will not move. It is stuck. I need to get used to falling. without the right arm, I am afraid. The other 2 parts of me: the foot and the right eye, the at as importance.


On Monday, I talked with Dr. A and he tried my hand at it was stuck. Now, it at least, streching for mading better. Slight. At least the is trying is doing. It is very thing, at least something.

One tine thing.

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