Visited Erin

Patricia and I went to a grammar school reunion lunch in Moraga today, then stopped by to see Erin in Davis on the way home. Paco and Tommy immediately took us on a tour of the fruit trees in the back yard.  Paco climbed up into the cherry tree to get a cherry for each of us, and Tommy showed me the hole in the deck into which he puts his cherry pitts.

Steve’s Mom, Judy, was there having picked up the boys after school and was about to prepare dinner. She has had a busy week in the absence of an au pair. The new one arrives Thursday night.  Erin seemed quite tired, but content.

Steve wrote an article for the eBay Motors blog:

Scroll down half way until you see photos of a light blue convertible and a white one. His byline is just below. He test drove the new Fiat convertible and the VW bug convertible. Now he has an exotic Mazda which he is test driving. Tommy explained to Patricia that their own Fiat was not a test car.


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