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Friends, That Work…

One of my friends helped me. Cindy was me be with Frieds. She got 4 a=to make a groups We had at our place be the date I had been out. She had not woriend.


For 90 min it was fun just together. I that in a long time. 


The day was fully. Eariler I had received all there things vis mail/ups/FedEx. 


I was not sure weather to tell you but I have to tell you. I was stuff in the bathroom for 2 hours. It suck, but than stik is the other directiiun!


Steve took and Cora and J (no you mean) to T. school to do the end of the stav. It is outside and just me out there well…


All is great.

I Cannot

I am saw

No thing

P has a lot the baseball. To night was the last reg and tomorrow will become speciate stuff.

I shoulder taking stuff but and very sleep.

Tommy loves the Rain

It was raining lightly today. Tommy was so excited he put in his rain boots, coat and grabbed his umbrella so he could go find puddlesz

Steve Tommy Paco May 26, 2013

Mike and Judy had us for a Memorial Day barbecue in Woodland this evening. My sister Patricia arrived from Denver this morning, so she joined us.

Erin walked into the house with the aid of her cane. She spoke well and seemed vibrant during the 3+ hours we were there.

It will be Steve’s birthday in a couple of days. Paco and Tommy joined him in blowing out the candles.

It was a delightful evening.


Erin May 26, 2013

Erin is about to eat a huge hamburger barbecued by Mike.

Trip to Costco

When I had read how much Erin had been sleeping, I thought that maybe she would not have the energy to go to Costco today.  But, she seemed to really enjoy the outing. We had lunch first at Guadalajara near Erin’s house. You order at the counter and a chili relleno or tamale costs $3.49. But, it is good.

Erin had a good time at Costco, and seemed her normal self.


Grump…then Not

I have to pull out of this blue. It seemed to be fight with myelf. I dont at the time to sleep. This has been about 18 months. 

I think part of it is that I dont anything. Nothing I fave to due. I need to get more commsisty. This is cause by being sad, that I as sure. A month ago, I stopped out side as I was. I thing that was being down. 


There of a things this weekend. This weekend, I have to try abd most of the pkace I cam reset. 


Mom has sold things about her on the blog. But with this weeding, I will see her twive, and I know she can. A mom is a mom. Thank god.  


Now its 1 Fri, and she is coming over. I am happy!

no pots

weird. My right foot is cool. It stop. It is restarted! I want to sleep, but I am tering.



So So Sleepy

I slept. For 6:30 last night to 1:00 today. Then I was awake for 3 hours. Then I took 1.5 hours slept.


Steve is thing that I will be awake. II think that I will sleep is a bit.