Erin and the Roses 23 April 2013

I went to Davis today to take Erin to the Vacaville outlets to
return the items she bought last week. I took this photo
before we left.

There are about a dozen rose bushes behind Erin to the left of
the driveway plus the one in the foreground. There was not the
abundance of blooms that there was last week. When we got
home, I dead headed most of the bushes and managed to
gather enough roses to bring home a bouquet. Tommy kept
me company as I was doing the pruning.

At the J Crew outlet, I opened the door and was holding it
open to back her in, when she said she could do it, and
promptly flipped over backwards as she was going over the
metal strip, landing on her shoulders with her head off the
ground. So, she didn’t get hurt at all, but was a little
embarrassed when 4 clerks came running to get her back
on her feet. That is the first time she has flipped over since
she did it backing over the metal strip from our kitchen to
the dining room when she first got this lightweight chair
over a year ago.

Erin is so much livelier than she was a year ago, and
did not head for a nap when she got home.


2 thoughts on “Erin and the Roses 23 April 2013

  1. Scott Holloway April 24, 2013 at 16:30 Reply

    Sorry to hear Erin took a tumble. Thanks for sharing the pics of Muir Woods and Stinson beach. I’m from Indiana, and have been to both places. I’m so glad to hear she is livelier than a year ago. Erin, you’re an inspiration to all of us brain tumor patients. Keep living, loving, and laughing.


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