3 Things!


1) Steve and Cindy took the 5 to Muir Woods and Stinson Beach. I having to write this, finally I ask Cindy! They had a wonderful day!


2) Mom came today to take me to return. Clothes. That was fun. We there, to Vacaville, but her love is T. She works outside, with the Rosa’s, but T. was with her time.


3) Thank god! Steve purchased me, the “Easy Fiber”. I am supposed take it 3 times a day. With yesterday and today, I had for any vegetables or fruits. I have been taking it the fiber, thank god. Tonight I was stuck. If I had the fiber, it would have take a horrible evening/morning. I may be tried,  but 45 min bath and walk (used cane is wonderful).


I think the other with bathroom, where you are running, that is a harder thing!


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