Tommy’s Big Day

Steve reporting today:

This morning, Erin, Raquel, and Tommy went out for an early lunch at a sushi restaurant about a Half mile from our house. Apparently, Erin wanted to “walk” home. She is able to propel herself by pushing herself with one foot… An exhausting exercise. Tommy apparently was excited to walk with her, so they walked together all the way home.

Paco had a baseball game this evening. Sadly, his wrist is still hurting from an after-school basketball injury last week, so per doctor’s orders he sat out the game but still went to the game to cheer them on and help coach at first base.

Tommy spent the entire game engrossed in play with the little brothers of Paco’s teammates, Will and Henry. Here is a photo of them below.

After the game he insisted that he wanted an In and Out cheeseburger. We all went through the drive through but Tommy fell asleep on the drive home. Of course, he woke up just in time to eat then promptly fell asleep again.

2 thoughts on “Tommy’s Big Day

  1. Barbara Wheeler April 15, 2013 at 23:21 Reply

    When I read to Clark about Erin propelling herself home, Clark said, “Good for her”. Tommy must have had strict orders to stay close to Erin. Did Raquel follow them slowly in the car?

  2. momhoodi April 16, 2013 at 19:25 Reply

    These Three Musketeers get along wonderfully! They play for hours loading grass into their trucks…

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