I did reminder! Actually the problem has that I am less that 12 hrs to e away. Part of it is take the anti-blues and it is sleep.

I was cry so mater no. I have move that life is very easily.

But. I need sleep.

I went to tj with r. And it was an outside. Erin

One thought on “Today

  1. Barbara Chase April 5, 2013 at 05:06 Reply

    Hi Erin,
    You have been on my mind. I am up early so decided to write. I noticed you went to TJ’s, one of my favorite grocery stores. Last night I dreamed that a bunch of the Zavadil kids arrived unexpectedly. Now what made me dream that?
    Since this is vacation time for the Tiscareno kids I asked them to come and help us in the yard. Monday they came over and hauled a bunch of wood chips, cut down an overgrown bush and trimmed a big bush in the front. It was hitting our house. They have a friend, Thomas (good name!) who helps. He has been begging me to cut down a tree. I had them cut down a bush first as a test. One of them threw a small log near me. You have to watch out for boys as they work. Take care and know you are in my and my family’s prayers.

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