Erin Tommy Judy – Easter – 31 March 2013

13 of us assembled for Easter brunch at noon today. Missing were
Colleen and Wheeler who were supposed to get home from their
Carribean cruise and Boulder tonight.

I set the table for 13 … it was a squeeze, that I needn’t have
worried about. Paco, Tommy, and Beck never sat at the table.
Tommy and Beck played nicely for 2 hours with Fisher-Price

Erin seemed preoccupied and tired. Maybe it was from
supervising Paco and Raquel making about 5 dozen brownies
for us plus at least and equal amount for home consumption.

In addition to egg casserole, Canadian bacon, fruit, and Ettore’s
hot cross buns, Clark made fried oysters which were a big hit.
He has been hungry for them, so we snatched some jars of
oysters when we saw them at Costco.

Paco enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs filled with candy, but
Tommy and Beck weren’t interested. They were too busy

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