It’s in the Oven

I received a phone call from Erin late this afternoon wanting to know the name of the green things. Raquel had gone to the store to shop, but Erin couldn’t recall the name of an item which she wanted Raquel to buy. I suggested spinach … a word she frequently can’t recall, but she said “no”. They were small green pieces in a blue can. Then I realized she meant Ortega green chiles. She asked me to call Raquel at the store to get some.

I couldn’t reach her by phone, so I emailed her and copied Steve. Raquel got the message and came home with the green chiles.  Steve stopped and picked some up on the way home, also!

Then Erin also struggled with the word tortilla which I finally guessed.  She was going to supervise Raquel making Chicken South of the Border. It’s made with boiled chicken pieces, onion, mushroom and celery soup, green chiles, and grated cheese layered with strips of corn tortilla.

About 5:15 I got a call that “It’s in the Oven”. Haven’t heard yet about how it came out.




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