Erin is an unusual case

Erin saw Dr. Adams, her oncologist, today.  She was feeling much better than yesterday, and was sparkly and bright. Dr. Adams couldn’t see any deterioration since he last saw her 2 months ago.  She was standing up for him, as she did frequently throughout the day.

Erin quoted statistics about how 35% of people ages 40-50 survive 5 years. But, Adams said those were the ones who had a tumor that didn’t recur. Usually, when the tumor recurs, people decline quickly. Her case is unusual because her tumor did recur, but she has stabilized.  So, that what she has to deal with is life with chronic disability, which presents lots of other problems.  He says he is not use to treating people with disabilities.

Dr. Adams said that Erin has a good brain, so she should use it to make the best of her life, which she is doing.

Before going to see Dr. Adams, we stopped at St. Ignatius Church Rectory to see Fr. Art Wehr, a Jesuit. He had visited Erin in the hospital during her first surgery 3 1/2 years ago and then Erin visited him about a year later. Erin wanted to give him a space pen which she had bought for him some time ago. Erin walked from the car to the rectory using her four pronged cane. He seemed very pleased to see that she was still alive and so vibrant.

After the doctor’s visit, she had set up Apple appointments for our cell phones. We got there a half hour early, but then had to wait an hour.  Erin held up well during the busy afternoon.

I played bridge tonight, so Erin and Clark went to a new sushi restaurant, then Clark took her home to Davis.  Life is busy when Erin is around!


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