Tommy, Judy, Paco March 8. 2013

12 of us met tonight at the Canton Buffet up Howe Ave. from here to
celebrate 9 year old Paco and 4 year old Tommy’s birthdays. Tommy’s
is today and Paco’s was a week ago.Judy and Mike Haas brought the

chocolate birthday cake with strawberry
filling for Tommy and chocolate filling for Paco.

When Tommy arrived he had just woken up and was very shy, but
within a few minutes he began talking non-stop for the rest of the
evening. He loved everything. When he opened a green
umbrella with monkeys from Colleen and Wheeler, he said that
green was his favorite color. The next item was blue, and
blue was his favorite color. Then he said that he loved all
the colors. Quite a politician!

Erin arrived on Steve’s arm walking with her 4-pronged cane.
She wandered around the buffet for a while, but said that
she was nervous about it, so Steve got the wheelchair.

Steve took the photos which follow.

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