What Ivan say

Sorry, I did not to try last night. I had a weird today. Paco was a jerk. That was the morning. And for me; often I have to stay out.

He was better after friends. This couples are wonder. There are good to us. They both are pharmacist who have held me a lot.

They our kids for almost 4 hours. Steve worked his car. You have understand, he loves it. I did two things: AAA and Kaiser stuff. For most, that would most, for me an hour plus. But I did. I also did 1/2 hour with up and down with the cane and then I slowly tried to clean. Not must, but a bit is better.

At the even of the evening, Paco was frustrated because I don’t let him held me. I understand, but I forget. A lesson learned.

One thought on “What Ivan say

  1. momhoodi February 17, 2013 at 10:49 Reply

    Erin, you are incredible! Not only did you take care of a bunch of things, all in one day, and argued with P, and called me asking me questions, BUT you wrote clearly about it all!
    We have not seen a whole paragraph like this in a loooonnnggg time.
    And your walking and going up un down those scary steps….
    Bravo! Love you!

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