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Birthday Treat

Paco is turning 9 tonight and Tommy turns 4 next week. Paco’s treat for his class is pan dulce from a panaderia in Woodland (his annual tradition) so he and I went to pick it up this evening. Here is a photo of the two boys sharing a piece for desert this evening.


Today, Erin and I got pedicure At classy nails in Campbell ! It was nice having a clean and beautiful feet .
But , the funniest part was that we were trying to remember “Clark’s ” name and Erin remember before me!

Love from San Jose

Debbie M and Erin

Seeing old friend

Steve reporting:

I have a meeting in San Jose first thing tomorrow morning, so Erin and I came down this evening so I wouldn’t have to fight traffic tomorrow.

We had dinner tonight with our old friends, the Scipionis. Carolina made a delicious paella and some Argentine style empanadas. Her sister, Julieta, who used to babysit Paco when he was a baby. Was also there with her daughter… She is also expecting her second daughter at the end of April. Another surprise guest was Suzy, who teaches Spanish and music to kids. Paco had taken her classes when he was a toddler.

It was a fantastic evening and Erin was talking nonstop all night.

Tomorrow, while I am at my meetings Erin will hang out with her good friend Debra. It promises to be a great 24 hour trip and Paco put in his order for burritos from his favorite taqueria on our way home.

Erin and Shannon 25 Feb 2013

Cinndy brought Erin from Davis to Sacramento, arriving here a little after 9am
this morning. Shortly thereafter, Shannon arrived to spend a day of eating
and shopping with Erin.

First, they headed to Denny’s for breakfast, then to Rite Aid and to Target to
shop. Erin has 15 or 20 plastic bags of purchases. …. some clothes, some
food, and some birthday and Easter gifts for the boys. The day ended up at
McDonald’s. After a 6 hour outing, they arrived home in the mid=afternoon
just as I was arriving home from bridge.

Erin seems to have a lot of energy. Instead of napping after the long excursion,
she is sorting through things and is packing 2 empty suitcases with things
to take back home to Davis. Cindy will pick her up about 6:30.


Every side

Every night I tried. I can not doing it. AaaRrrrgggg

Not tight

Want to sleep.


Can’t you be it I am happy. It sees wrong. Yes I have all these thing that make ever bad, but I am happy.