have scarred. It is only 0.4 to the costed. I am scarred. I planned used my the Wheelchair. I am noy scarred. I can, it is Davis. But I am scarred.

I can do this to mom’s, it is an easy on at Davis. But for some freaon I am scared.

Barbara, not my mom, the one person who was volunteer. She was at great when some neared to be workout. She is not here. I need her!

One thought on “Here

  1. bcwgolf January 28, 2013 at 16:13 Reply

    I think what Erin is saying is that she had a dream of pushing herself in her wheelchair to Trader Joe’s which is about a half mile from them in Davis, whereas she could not have done that here is Sacramento. But, she is scared to try it.

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