What a Walk!

This is Judy reporting.

Even before Barbara’s post and Paco’s video I was trying to post but had internet trouble…

On Friday I picked up Erin for lunch. When I arrived at her house, she was standing in the driveway talking to her next door neighbors.  We eventually got in the car and drove to Bistro 33 in Davis. I was able to park infront of the restaurant and Erin insisted she did not want the wheel chair – she walked with her cane from the car, through a large patio, into the restaurant, requested a quiet table for which we had to climb about 7 or 8 steps, and then we sat down for a lovely lunch.

After lunch (with a glass of wine) I asked her if she wanted me to get the chair, but she refused, and walked back out to the car. I would estimate the distance to about one city block… So, she walked a total of about two blocks with her cane!

Then we stopped at a grocery store where she “pedalled” herself into every aisle, stood up to reach items on shelves, and finally we went home. I was exhausted! She didn’t seem to be.

So, in summary, by the time she took the walk that Paco video taped, she had already walked A LOT earlier in the day!

By that time Raquel brought the boys home from school and I was determined to have them vaccinated against the flu, which had been overlooked until now. So Raquel and I took them to Kaiser. Even before we drove into the parking lot Tommy asked why we were at the doctor’s: “I am not sick!” So we explained to him that they were going to give him something so that he wouldn’t get sick… He was not very happy.

After a very long wait we found out that they were out of the nasal spray vaccine, as well as the “mid-range age” of children – they had to get TWO baby vaccines! in two separate shots!  Paco volunteered to be first and barely flinched. Tomas started to run away… and scream and cry. Between Raquel and the nurse they restrained him while Paco left the room and closed the door because he said his brother’s screams were “too much.” I tried to calm him down stroking his sweaty head.

We finally got out of there. He walked to the car looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. …. limping and holding his leg telling everybody that they had put a hole in his leg!!!! I am sure it hurt, but it was an incredible Shakespearean performance. Paco was the sweetest, most concerned and loving big brother! He offered to sit next to Tomas in the car, and Tomas then was able to put his head on Paco’s shoulder.  Paco talked to him and calmed him down all the way home, although he admitted to me that his hurt quite a bit too.

Just another day in the life of a grandmother….

2 thoughts on “What a Walk!

  1. Barbara Chase January 19, 2013 at 13:27 Reply

    Well, Judy, thanks for the account of Tomas and the shots. All you can say is “Thank God both of them didn’t react to the flu shot in that way”. Prevention doesn’t mean a thing to his age. Thanks for being such a good grandmother!
    And it is pretty amazing that Erin had walked as far as you described.

  2. Vivian January 19, 2013 at 14:23 Reply

    For you, Tomas, Paco and Erin, only a song comes to mind: the one with the lyrics, “so keep on rockin’ it, babeh!” (Probably dating myself more than anything else.)

    You guys are amazing. Big hugs to all of the Wheeler-Haas family.

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