Visit with Dr. Adams

On her way to work in Sacramento, Cindy dropped off Erin about 8:45 am this morning. Shannon came at 9:30 and took Erin to get a haircut as well as to have lunch with Vivian and her 4 month old baby. Then, in the midafternoon I took Erin for an oncology appt with Dr. Adams.

Erin showed off, walking a few steps unaided towards Dr. Adams and back. He said that he wasn’t in shock, but was very impressed with her physical performance.  He also thought that her speech was much better than her last appt in Nov.

She did fall once in her room when she was standing unaided and shuttling around packing stuff to take back home to Davis. But, she instantly popped right back up and got into the wheelchair. Clark couldn’t get over how easily she did it compared to when they were alone here a year ago and she fell 4 times in one day when Patricia and I had gone to Monterey for 3 days.

Cindy picked Erin up at 6:30 pm and took Erin back to Davis.


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