A Very Cold Saturday in January

This is Mother-in-Law Judy reporting.

Steven has been very tired lately with no chances for a full restful night, so taking advantage of Barbara & Clark’s trip to Monterey, he spent Friday night at their house. I covered guard in Davis, starting with dinner and then sharing a room with Tomas.

Abu Mike came in early this morning and spent the day with the boys and me: we picked oranges in the backyard and were busy all day with a pair of wonderful kids. Erin rested for most of the day.

Steven picked up Paco and were planning on having fun together and sleeping peacefully in Sacramento. While we were all here, Raquel came in to pick up something she needed. She had three friends with her – 2 from Colombia like her, and the third one from Firenze. One was lovelier than the other; very friendly and sweet. They told us they were on their way to celebrate one of their birthdays, so Erin gave her a bottle of wine. Instead of an “in and out” stop, it turned into a very pleasant visit, with great conversation. Just lovely!

Erin, Tomas and I had gourmet dinner from “In-N-Out” that Mike brought in. I’m presently trying to catch Tomas so that he can go to bed…. And so that I can go to bed too!

A great day enjoying our dear grandchildren!


2 thoughts on “A Very Cold Saturday in January

  1. Barbara Chase January 12, 2013 at 21:20 Reply

    How good to hear from mother-in-law Judy. Giving Steve a chance to rest is so important. I have heard from Barbara about your move to be near Steve, Erin and those lovely boys. Grandparents are so important in kids’ lives. We moved to Seattle area to be nearer to our grandchildren and have never regretted a moment of making that decision. Hope you catch Tomas, that little rascal.
    Best wishes from Edmonds, WAshington

  2. Laurie Carney January 12, 2013 at 21:38 Reply

    How fortunate Steve(n) and Erin are to have support of family, especially wonderful grandparents. My girls’ grandparents are all in the area and our family is so blessed and thankful for it! Thank you for the updates, and give Erin a hug from me.

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