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What if I were better.

P. is at the apple and T is looking to must iPad. Part is me. I am really grumpy.

I am sad. I am joy. I really wish that I could any thing mean the children. Some days I am dreams of a other person .

P know who I am. Used to I be. Thank god.

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No today

No posy

An uncomfortable situation

Steve Reporting:

When the boys were at school, our friend Sara came over and took Erin out.  They went to Trader Joes and then to World Market. From what she told me, Erin tried to poop at the store but couldn’t.  From when she tried at World Market until Paco and I got back from a Kaiser appointment tonight at 9 pm, she couldn’t go.  She called me crying at about 4:30 so I could stop by the store to get her something to help. 

Whatever she took eventually worked tonight.  She is smiling now.


Erin’s Big Trip

Steve Reporting…

This afternoon while I was at work, Erin made a trip on her own.  She walked down the steps to the garage, pulled her chair down, and went to Rite Aid on her own.  The store is at least a half mile from our house and she shuffled there on her own in her wheelchair.  She said that at least three people offered to help push her while she was on the way to the store, but she turned them down.  She wanted to make the trip on her own.  She estimates that it took her nearly an hour for each leg of the journey… a trip which normally would have taken someone about 10 minutes to walk.  She is pretty exhausted this evening but seems exhilarated by her expedition.


have scarred. It is only 0.4 to the costed. I am scarred. I planned used my the Wheelchair. I am noy scarred. I can, it is Davis. But I am scarred.

I can do this to mom’s, it is an easy on at Davis. But for some freaon I am scared.

Barbara, not my mom, the one person who was volunteer. She was at great when some neared to be workout. She is not here. I need her!

Not so

I can not two in a day. I am during from feed to head.

I am sleey

I am very grumpy.