I Am Sick, Still

I am sick. This is normally, but really.

Steve discussed at 9:30 and went out with a butch of fried. He sick, he awoke at 9:25. He has show that he is sick. Yuck.

One thought on “I Am Sick, Still

  1. Barbara Chase December 22, 2012 at 20:55 Reply

    Sorry you and Steve have both felt sick. Having those two cute cats around should take your mind off some of your bad feelings. How cute they are!
    Vern and I are relieved that our Yellow Jacket siege is at an end. Just before we were going to have 50 people over for a Rotary Christmas party Dec. 13 we started seeing yellow jackets at our living room windows (inside). We called a local handyman who put out some spray in the area at the corner of our house. It drove them away outside but they kept coming inside. We finally called an exterminator the day of the party but he could not come. We warned the guests and went on with the party. Fortunately they are less active at night and no one was stung.
    The next day the exterminator came and found out they were coming in through a hole behind our stereo speaker. He treated the hole. Vern called me in to talk with the guy and lightning quick a yellow jacket landed on my finger and stung me. Ouch!! Vern had been stung a few days before. So I iced the finger and hand and took Benadryl. Oh what fun! Vern takes a flashlight and checks the window and rugs each day but now we are not finding them. Hooray! I am just glad no Rotarian was stung. Yellow Jackets are nasty!
    Steve said you were wrapping gifts for Christmas. What an amazing person you are, Erin.

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