Steve reporting.

Erin says she has been in a lot of pain throughout her body. Her right side, especially her shoulder and leg, seem to be hurting a great deal. She says this may be a good thing since she has been unable to feel much on that side before.

On the other hand, her speech seems to be getting a bit more difficult as demonstrated by some of her recent posts. She can’t seem to read or write much of anything clearly… but it could also be some effects of pain meds she’s using to combat the pain. She seems physically very strong and hasn’t been sleeping as much as last week. So, in other words, I have no clue how she’s doing in terms of the brain tumor but she seems strong.

She is also in a good mood and is enjoying her time with the boys.

One thought on “Erin

  1. Barbara Chase December 12, 2012 at 06:37 Reply

    It’s good to read that Erin is in a good mood and enjoying the boys in spite of her pain. Thanks for the report, Steve.

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