Hannukah Day 2 – and a Christmas Tree

Steve again.

Another busy day for the boys.  This afternoon we went to get a Christmas tree.  Paco was a great big brother, showing Tommy how to pick a good tree.  When we got home he was eager to decorate the tree and again took on the big brother role handing Tommy the ornaments and making sure he only got the non-breakable ones.

Erin slept most of the day again. She was up when my parents came over for dinner and the second night of Hanukkah.  No huge gifts tonight, just pajamas for the boys… of course, Tommy was more excited to have fleece pajamas with fire trucks on them than Paco was of his gift, but it’s hard to please an 8-year-old.

Both boys were just sweet and happy to decorating the tree and playing with their grandparents this evening.  Erin continues to do well, though she is complaining about some intermittent headaches she seems strong and is standing and walking more.

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