Happy Hanukkah

Steve reporting.

We had a busy day… perhaps a bit too much activity for Erin.  This morning, Tommy and I went to the Davis farmers’ market.  Erin, Raquel, and Paco called to let us know that they were on their way to the AT&T store so we could meet them there.  We had to do some switching around with our phone accounts since Raquel is going to be using an account that we had set up for Miselka last year.  No need for details, other than the store was crowded and we had to wait 30 minutes just to speak to an agent with two excited kids in tow.

Afterwards, we went next door to an Italian restaurant for lunch.  It was a bit hit, with all of us enjoying our meals and each of the boys devouring their kids sized cheese pizzas.  Erin was starting to fade, so she, Raquel and Paco returned home while I continued on with some errands with Tommy.  He had decided this morning that he was finally ready to start potty training so he and I went to Target together to choose some Mickey Mouse underwear. A big day!

Erin was napping when we got home, so I watched the boys before we headed to Woodland to see my parents for the first night of Hanukkah.  Paco devoured the tri-tip roast that Aba Judy made… I think he had four servings.  Tommy also ate well, but focused mostly on peas and later two bowls of strawberries.

Tommy was enthralled with a Matchbox firehouse set that my parents gave him as a gift.  Will post a picture separately.

Erin started to fade again, and Paco was anxious to get home to plug in his newly-acquired Wii U, so we were home by 8.  Note to parents… if you plan to give a Wii U for the holidays, be sure to plug it in and run the setup and update process.  It took over an hour for the process of updating the software, so not something I recommend when there are excited kids waiting for their turn at the game!  Happy Hanukkah, Nintendo.

That’s about it.  More tomorrow!

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