Tommy and Clark 4 Dec 2012

Erin asked us to bring down some meds and other stuff she wanted. It had been
a while since we had seen the kids, so we timed our visit perfectly to see them
both.When we arrived, Paco who had already arrived home from school. was playing
with his Pacoman cards while watching TV in the living room. At first I sat on
a wood bench to talk to him. It turned out to be the fancy new cat litter box.
Paco enthusiastically told me about it.

Raquel soon left to pick up Tommy at pre-school. When he got home he had
to show us all of his toys, including these bells which each has a different
frequency. Of course, Clark clowned around with Tommy.

Erin was up for about a half hour, but then got tired and went back to bed.
The house seems extremely serene and much neater than usual. Raquel
quietly goes about giving Tommy a snack, picking up, or sorting laundry.
Erin says that Raquel has joined a club to work out, so at least she has
some social contact with others.

Erin looks good. She has lost 17 lbs in the last 10 weeks, 45 lbs in 7 months.


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