Steve here again.

We had a good day. Erin posted last night that she was frustrated because she hadn’t slept much. She slept a lot during the day for the past few days but then couldn’t sleep at night. Today, she forced herself to not nap so she could sleep at night. Hopefully this will get her back into a normal sleep cycle.

Paco was forbidden from TV or any video games today after he managed to give Tommy a black eye last night. They were getting rough and Tommy hit his face on the edge of the coffee table. It wasn’t bad, though. He played with Legos most of the afternoon and was very sweet with Erin today.

I took Tommy to a friend’s cookie decorating party this morning. He had a blast and it was good to separate the boys a bit.

This afternoon, Brandon and Becket came to visit. I took off for a bit to run some errands but when I came back, it appeared that Tommy and his cousin were very busy playing with trains together in the living room. I didn’t grow up with cousins around when I was a kid, so it’s really great to have so much family around. Last weekend at the Smith’s and this weekend with their first cousin.

Aside from not sleeping much at night, Erin seems to be doing well. She has some pain in her legs and a bit of dizziness, but she is spending good time with the boys and seems incredibly improved over how she was a few months ago.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. lucy brown December 5, 2012 at 15:04 Reply

    There is so much going on with the family that is good, and i am amazed at how special your whole family is, Erin. You are blessed with much love. Hope you can get on a schedule that works for you. Lucy

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