Steve Reporting:

Erin asked me to post, she’s too tired.  We had a couple of busy days.  Yesterday, Erin and I went out to dinner while Raquel watched the boys.  We went to a local place called Tucos, which had the best pork tacos either one of us had ever tasted.  They specialize in a mix of Italian and latin-American foods (the owners are apparently Puerto Rican and Portugese.  In any case, it was delicious.

Paco had a long playdate at our house on Sunday with his friend, David.  Yesterday, Shannon and her kids came over, and this afternoon, he and another friend went to David’s house.  He’s staying active this week while school is closed, that’s for sure.

Paco adds that at David’s house today, he, Tony, Luca, and David “played with Legos and had a lot of fun.”  They also went to the park and had a bit of a problem playing kickball with only four boys, but it was a good day.

Erin slept a lot this afternoon, but she had been unable to sleep at all last night due to pain, mostly in her legs, oddly.

For anyone interested in supporting cancer research, check out the site my new company recently launched to support the American Cancer Society: www.acsdonationmall.org.  You can do all of your shopping for the holidays here.  You basically go to any of thousands of online retailers.  You don’t pay anything extra, the stores are paying us a commission for driving traffic to them which goes to ACS.  Even better, you can download the browser button offered on this site once (it only takes a few seconds) and whenever you visit a participating online merchant you automatically generate commissions.  We have also launched similar sites for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a handful of university alumni associations, Capital Public Radio, and other organizations… with more launching soon.  Let your holiday shopping support a good cause… and it’s free!

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