Am Sick. A bit.

Steve will talk. But I am happy.

Erin seems to have a bad cold but otherwise seems to be doing well.  She is walking a bit more around the house.

Janet came by to visit this afternoon on her way home from Tahoe. Ruby, the dog, joined her and apparently she was more eager to play with our cats than they were with her.  Paco says the cats were hissing at Ruby.

Erin says it was a real gift to have her cousin visit.  I wasn’t here for the visit but I did enjoy the apple pie that she brought!

Erin slept most of the afternoon after Janet left.







One thought on “Am Sick. A bit.

  1. bcwgolf November 12, 2012 at 22:57 Reply

    How nice to have a visit from Janet and Ruby! Speaking of apple pies, I took the liberty of using 6 of your Apple Hll apples, Erin, and made a “Down Under Apple Pie”. I had copied the recipe when I lived with my mother’s cousin, Bea, in Wash. DC in the summer of 1956. So, for 56 years I have stored this recipe. I had a Pillsbury crust in the fridge which was expiring, so scrounged around for a 1 crust pie.

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