Erin Blue

Steve reporting;

Erin seems very down today. I was working all day and when I got home I learned that she hadn’t left the bed most of the day. Raquel had already fed the boys and bathed them and I don’t think they had seen Erin since getting home from school.

I sense that her language has deteriorated in the past week, but she has had good and bad days in the past, so I won’t read much into it. Her physical abilities (walking with assistance) remain strong.

She has been breaking into tears at a moment’s notice and usually without any outwardly apparent cause. She can’t seem explain what’s wrong, other than the obvious big issue there doesn’t seem to be any acute recent cause for these mood swings.

One thought on “Erin Blue

  1. Vivian November 10, 2012 at 13:05 Reply

    Steve – I think you have it right on Erin’s language skills showing a momentary dip.
    Erin – Your e-mail to me was WONDERFUL! It was easy to understand so not fret.
    Love you,
    Vivian, Cary and Nicholas

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