Steve Reporting…

Tommy stayed with my parents again today and apparently has them wrapped tightly around his little finger. 

Erin and I spent some time completing our mail-in ballots, running a few errands, and cleaning up around the house.  We loaded the car up with items to give away and delivered them to the Goodwill location in Woodland.  Afterwards, She, Paco and I went to dinner together at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Woodland called Paco’s.  We hadn’t been there in a while. 

At least a year ago, Erin and our Paco had been there and met Paco, the owner of the restaurant.  He saw them tonight after we ate and came to say hello.  He remembered them both and wanted to see how Erin was doing. 

Erin seems to be doing well.  She is much more mobile than a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, she also seems to be experiencing a lot of pain.  She says she isn’t having many headaches, but rather pain in her legs and even in her right arm, which a month ago she could barely move and not feel. 

The house is incredibly quiet without Tommy here today.  I think Paco enjoyed having some time alone with us tonight, though we look forward to Tommy’s continuous commentary tomorrow.  I’m sure he’ll have many stories to tell of his adventures with Abu and Aba.


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