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I am so tired.

R. is really sweet. I can stay away.

Two boys in a box

As mentioned in the previous post…

Wednesday in Bed

Steve reporting…

Erin seems to have been feeling down all day.  I don’t think she even got out of bed.  I just got home from work at about 6 and she was still wearing her clothes from last night.

Then, about 15 minutes ago the UPS man knocked on the door and had a big package for Erin.  Her friend, Amanda, who now lives in Denver, sent her three very cool “Boppy” brand body pillows.  She works for a company that makes maternity and infant care supplies.  Erin was not only instantly perked up by the unexpected gift, but Tommy immediately took the big box in which it came to be his new Fire Engine in his playroom.  In fact, Tommy and Paco were both using it at the same time at one point.  A brief moment of brotherly peace.



Reglan for nausea

Cindy brought Erin to Sacramento this morning so that Erin could go to her appt with Dr. Adams this afternoon. Erin told Dr. Adams about her nausea and he said that it could be due to the pain medications she takes or it could be due to swelling in the brain. He said that the Zofran that she has been taking for nausea is intended for use during chemo and when used daily can become ineffective.  He prescribed Reglan which doesn’t become ineffective when used daily.

Erin decided to stay here tonight with us and get caught up on sleep. Cindy has to go into work for a while tomorrow and will take Erin back to Davis early tomorrow afternoon.

Dr. Adams thought that Erin seemed about the same with maybe a little more trouble with word finding. She had cancelled an appt with Adams last week when she was too tired to make the trip to Sacramento. He said that was fine, not to hesitate to cancel, essentially saying that the visits are just social. He suggested not returning until 6 weeks from now.


Saw Erin in Davis

Yesterday Clark and I went to San Francisco for the funeral of my cousin and on the way home we stopped briefly in Davis to drop off mail for Erin. When I called ahead she said that she was alone, though I think that Raquel was in her room.  Shannon and husband and kids had come for a visit and Steve and the boys were at a park with them.

Erin looked good even though she was wearing an eye patch which she does occasionally. She has been experiencing a lot of nausea at night, so I am hoping that when she sees Dr. Adams tomorrow, he will have some advice.


I can’t

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Oh. I need to write . We Steve

…But that is this…I seed at night, and it is back.

I am so sick every nicht.


Sorry, tomorrow, Steve will explain.