Needing Zofran

About 4 am this morning Erin sent an email saying that she needed the anti-nausea drug which is Zofran. (She wrote the long formal name, Ondansetron ….. which I didn’t recognize.)  I had ordered a refill of it a couple of days ago and it was to be ready at noon today.  So, when my bridge got cancelled about 10 am this morning, we were able to pick up the prescription after noon, and take it to her in Davis.

Raquel, the au pair, greeted us at the door. We were both struck by how neat and cleared out the house was. I had not been there in quite a while, so I don’t know how much of it is due to Mišelka, the former au pair, and how much of it is due to Raquel or Steve.

As we were driving to Davis, Clark got a call from his 2nd son, Scott, who lives in Marin. He was actually in Davis and coming to Sacramento to see us and Jim, #1 son. The timing was perfect, and Scott came by as soon as we got back to Sacramento.

Scott said that his daughter Julia is flying to Colombia on Dec. 31st, where she wants to spend some time just living amongst the people. Colombia is where Raquel is from, so we are hoping to get Julia and Raquel together soon. Julia spent her junior year in Chile, so she is fluent in Spanish.


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