Apple store

Erin went out with Shannon this morning. They had lunch at Red Lobster and brought home leftover lobster pizza for Clark and cheese rolls.

Then this afternoon Erin and I went to the Apple store because Erin was having trouble with storage on her laptop. Apparently, gmail stores a lot of mail and attachements on the computer and it was leaving only 4 MB out of 64 for current storage. The clerk said that lots of people were having this problem with gmail.

Erin showed the clerk her new iPod nano which arrived in the mail from Colleen yesterday. Colleen had pre-ordered it a month ago at the time of Erin’s birthday. It is such a hot new item, that the clerk had not seen it yet. I am trying to send a photo of it, but I will repeat that it is 1 1/2 in by 3 in with a video screen that shows photos, videos, and has music and a radio. Colleen had it engraved “Erry Berry”, Erin’s nickname as a child, and it is berry colored.


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