Visiting Old Stomping Grounds

Erin, Clark, and I went for lunch today at Bella Bru in Carmichael where we sat outside in delightful 85 degree weather. The restaurant is close to our former houses, so afterwards we showed Clark where we lived for 14 years on Hamlet Place and pointed out Barnards’, Millers, and Emanuels’ houses.  The landscaping in the area is so lush.  The subdivision where we lived on Hamlet Place was built in 1965, so I guess the trees have had 47 years to grow … seems impossible.

Then we drove by our next house where we lived for 10 years on Barnett Circle.  They have removed the jungle of palm trees and the junipers and gravel parking area and replaced it all with lawn all the way to the sidewalk. It really looks lush. Erin fondly remembered the 50 foot swimming pool.

We went to Whole Foods which is about 10 years old replacing our old Lucky supermarket and hardware store. Erin needed half and half and picked out a gallon of fresh apple juice.

Tonight she watched the debate and afterwards Colleen came over.  Colleen had given her a belated birthday present .. a mini-iPod, which Erin really loves.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Old Stomping Grounds

  1. Tom Z & Dean L October 17, 2012 at 07:19 Reply

    Oh Aunt Barbara, I wish I could have come along with you! This sounds like my kind of day – right down to the half-&-half at the grocery store. I love visiting old haunts and seeing everything that changed and all the parts that stayed the same.
    My mom has a picture in one of her photo albums (black & white, carefully labeled in your handwriting) of you & Uncle Brandon with baby Colleen standing on the corner in front of that first house with nothing else in the background but a stop sign and bare ground. That bare ground always fascinated me when I was a kid (it still does).
    And of course I remember playing in that 50-foot pool with Erin & Betsy – while the very-cool Brandy/Brandon listened to the radio on the patio (Huey Lewis & The News comes to mind…). All so very different from our old house back in New Mexico!
    Love to you all,
    Tom Z.

  2. bcwgolf October 17, 2012 at 21:44 Reply

    Tom, enjoyed your comment. You have a very good memory!

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