Wow, Who No?

I was out side today. We are thing what to P. I am hoping that get better.


That said, I was side. Steve took T. and I pushed to two and leave P with me. P went back to his room. I was out side. I was heading is side, when I fell. Not hurting, I looked some who was ready at book.


Fortune, the car stopped the wheelchair. 3 feet. This time it really was not difficult. Yes, I did it. I took my time. But it was easy.


I forgot, we had to do much. 8 hours!

2 thoughts on “Wow, Who No?

  1. Cindy October 15, 2012 at 14:20 Reply

    Hi Everyone,
    I talked to Erin this morning & she told me about the fall she mentions in her post. I thought I would describe it a bit more…The car that stopped the wheelchair was the one parked in her driveway. She was out front heading into the open garage (I believe), and her chair hit a bump (probably the lip of the garage), which caused her to fall out. She did not get hurt, and she was able to get back into the wheelchair on her own. She said she would not have been able to do that a few months ago. Go, Erin!

  2. bcwgolf October 17, 2012 at 13:58 Reply

    Thanks, Cindy, for explaining what happened.

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