paco and a ds

Steve reporting:

It was another busy day.  Tomás had his second birthday party of the weekend.  Paco got a Nintendo DS for which he has been asking for the past three years.  He basically played it all afternoon and is genuinely happy and thankful for having it.

Erin did great at Target this afternoon and was great watching Paco while I took Tomás to his party.  On the way home, Tomás and I picked up Chinese food and we had a quiet dinner at home while my parents stayed at their new house resting from a long day of unpacking.

Tomorrow, Erin is heading back to Barbara’s house for a couple of days so she can rest… it’s busy around here.


One thought on “paco and a ds

  1. Barbara October 7, 2012 at 21:27 Reply

    What is a DS?

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